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Hi Barbara
Sorry for the delay in letting you know that I gave birth to a little boy Jack , just 2 days after my last pregnancy yoga session.  I was rapt to have my first drug-free birth (I had an epidural for my last 2 babies) and that the breathing that you taught us was a HUGE help!!!  My midwife was so impressed with how calm and centred I was throughout the labour and how well I was breathing.  I also STRONGLY recommend the acupressure that my husband was able to apply on the points on my lower back.  These 2 things alone allowed me to have a drug-free natural birth at Birthcare which was my desire – I am stoked I was able to do it and have recovered so much better. 
So a big thanks to you for preparing me for a lovely birth, one that I am so proud about. 


Your class was fantastic - your calm reassurance and good humour every week plus meeting the other preggy women in the Tummy Club (!) has been one of the nicest things about my pregnancy so far. Now that I am leavng Auckland, I'm so gonna miss it! I will definitely be recommending your class to others.

"Svastha Yoga has given me the tools to address the source of my shoulder, neck and back pain, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Other forms of yoga I have tried didn’t identify how my body was creating and storing tension, leading to bad posture and ongoing pain.  
Now I’m working with my body, rather than against it, to release tension and maintain fitness, health, good posture and a peaceful mind to boot.  Highly recommended!" -  Nicola, Mt Eden

"Since attending regular yoga classes at Kelly Street Studio, I have found that I have been able to use these practices to reduce stress and achieve balance in all areas of my life. The commitment and care shown to the individual by the teachers of the studio has exceeded my expectations of the average yoga teacher. The yoga is tailored to meet each member's needs and abilities, making it safe and deeply satisfying." - Rachel, Albany
"It is a great privilege and opportunity for me to be able to take part in a Yoga Teacher Training Program that is taught in such a special, unique, and intimate setting, by a wonderful teacher." - Zoe ,Mt Eden
“What I like about Barbara is that, while she shows a deep integrity in the yoga she teaches, she makes plenty of room for humour. The yoga, which focuses on the breath and the spine, is not aerobic or sweaty but is remarkably strengthening and energising. I notice that it also improves my usually hare-brained concentration!” - S.S. - Auckland

"Barbara's pregnancy yoga classes are fantastic I look forward to them every week. It is a time to relax, stretch and exercise in a friendly environment." - Katie, Auckland

"Pregnancy Yoga with Barbara is a MUST! I've been going now for about 12 weeks and feel so much better for it.  After each class I feel so much happier and re-energised and look forward to each class, knowing how great I feel afterwards.  I really love the fact that the classes are smaller so that Barbara can work with each of us as needed to help us get the most out of our session.  She also talks to us to find out how we are doing and tailors the class to how we feel and what we feel we want from that particular session.  Yoga gets two thumbs up from me!!!" - Rebecca, Auckland

"Having never tried yoga before my midwife recommended it; I was delighted at how much I enjoyed the class. Since starting Pregnancy Yoga I have discovered strength both physically and mentally that has helped me throughout my pregnancy. Barbara’s experience and knowledge is evident in the caring way she instructs the class, and I would have NO hesitation in recommending Barbara or Kelly Street Yoga Studio to anyone looking to start Yoga." - Lisa, Auckland


"Yoga at Kelly St is a soothing and challenging session, each person is encouraged to work with personal goals under a supportive and caring teacher. I've learnt to listen to my body and work within its limitations by building on strength and learning restorative breathing. It's yoga at its best practice. Barbara is a knowledgeable teacher in the true sense of the word, using her sense of humour and caring nature to motivate and encourage her students" - RSG, Auckland

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