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Beginners Yoga Course

Beginners Yoga - 6 Week Course

Our beginners courses are a great place to start the practice of yoga or refamiliarise yourself if it's been a while since you have attended a class.

The classes are run in 'workshop' style, leaving room for explanation of the principles of breath and movement as well as personal exploration of these principles during a led practice.

Each week we will introduce new principles and progressively build knowledge over the duration of the course. Each week, participants will be provided with a short home practice to help reinforce what has been learned in class.

Over the six week period you will be introduced to:

   - Foundation asanas (postures) for structural health and well-being
   - Principles of movement & alignment
   - Principles of breathing in asana practice
   - Pranayama (focused breathing)

Classes are limited to a maximum of 9 participants to ensure that each person recieves personal attention and instruction.


Course Dates:

  • Mondays @ 6.45pm - 8.00pm, 14th April - 19th May, 2014 inclusive - fully booked, next course dates will be published soon

Cost - $105.00

Deposit of $30 due on registration, the balance is due 5 days prior to the course start date

Svastha Yoga New Zealand
Kelly Street Studio
1A Kelly St
Mt Eden

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to book your place now.













Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

6 week course commencing 12th January,2014



In today's world stress is unfortunately an almost normal part of daily life. Many of us live in a constant state of stress and over time this plays havoc with our physical and emotional health. The negative effects of stress can result in:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Issues
  • Panic attacks
  • Weight gain
  • Relationship problems 
  • Poor self esteem

and much more....

The good news is that while we may not be able to completely escape stressful situations, we can learn to manage our stress levels and reduce the impact life situations have on our well-being. 

Classical yoga provides us with effective techniques to bring steadiness and calm to the mind. In this  6 week course you will learn a variety of yogic techniques to help relieve the symptoms of stress you may be experiencing and to improve coping strategies.

Each class will consist of an asana practice, suitable for all levels of experience, and we also explore other practices such as pranayama (breathing) meditation, mindfulness and more...

Each week participants will be provided with a home practice to reinforce what has been learned in each class.

Numbers in the course are limited so please book early to secure your place.

Sunday 5.30pm - 6.45pm
12th January 2014 ~ 16th February, 2014 inclusive

A $50 non refundable deposit is required on registration

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Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga



After all the effort you put into maintaining a regular yoga practice throughout your pregnancy, now could be the time to reinvest in yourself with our Mum and Baby classes. Here you will be provided with the time and space to meet some of your own, often neglected needs in a warm and nuturing environment, connecting with a powerful resource that will help you deal positively with the challenges of motherhood.

What is Mum and Baby Yoga?

Mum and Baby yoga classes are specifically tailored to suit new mothers, involving a range of asanas (postures) that will strengthen, tone and restore structural integrity that may have been compromised during pregnancy. You will find relief from the various aches and pains that inevitably occur through lifting and carrying a growing baby and awareness to breath will bring about a profound sense of relaxation and restore energy levels.

What do I do with my baby during class?

We prefer these classes to be some time out for new mums rather than involving babies in the movements. You have the option to have your baby next to you or if you are comfortable they can be on a communal rug with the other babes in the group and under the watchful eye of your teacher enabling you to focus on yourself. If at any stage your baby requires your attention, you simply stop and attend to them and return to your practice once they are settled.
Fussing and crying is totally normal and acceptable - all babies are welcomed just as they are without any expectation of perfect behaviour. They are the bosses of the class!

How will Mum and Baby yoga help me?

You will find many benefits from a regular yoga class including:

  • increased core strength, physical tone and structural integrity
  • relief from tension and discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders
  • increased energy and sense of well-being
  • reduced anxiety and stress level
  • community and friendship

When can I start?

Provided you have healed well after birth you can start any time from 4 - 6 weeks after delivery of your baby. If you have had a caesarean delivery this should be extended to 12 -14  weeks, or until you have received the go ahead from your health professional. Babies up to crawling age are welcome.

Please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any queries regarding your participation in this class.

Cost and Timing

Mondays @ 10.45am ~ 12.00pm
5 Class Concession - valid for 6 weeks - $90

Class numbers are limited so please ensure you book early to secure your place.

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Amanda Hookham

Amanda HookhamAmanda completed the Svastha ‘Yoga of Krishnamacharya Teacher Training’ program in 2009 and Svastha Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Amanda also attended a Yoga Sutras seminar which was presented by A.G. and Indra Mohan in New Zealand, May 2010.


Please see below for a description of our classes.. If you are unsure which class is suitable for you please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss.


Our beginners classes are a great place to start if you are new to yoga or perhaps returning to practice after some time. In these classes we focus on simple foundation postures where you develop a good understanding of breath and movement principles.They are suitable for absolute beginners as well as students who don't feel quite ready to move in to an open level or experienced class.

We also frequently run 6 week Beginners Courses where you are stepped through the various principles in a more structured way, giving you a solid foundation from which to progress with your practice.

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Open level classes are inclusive of all levels of experience including beginners, however If you haven’t practiced yoga before it is recommended that you attend at least 4 beginners classes or one of our 6 week Beginners Courses before joining an open level class.

In these classes you will explore a greater range of postures and further develop the breath. While slightly more active and challenging than the beginners class, you will be encouraged to work within your own limits and postures will be adapted where necessary to enable your full participation and enjoyment.


These classes are suitable only for students who have been attending Svastha Yoga classes for some time and have a good understanding of the breath and movement principles we apply in our practice. We consider 'advanced' yoga not as having the ability to perform complex asana rather, to be able to move and breathe with mindfulness. Therefore, these classes do not allow for in depth instruction on how to breathe and move and each student is given the space to explore their practice on a deeper level and at their own pace. If wanting to attend this class, please check with Barbara first.


Our pregnancy yoga classes will support you through the many physical and emotional changes you face during pregnancy. You will learn skills that will be beneficial not only throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth, but also in the years of motherhood to come. 

Read more about our pregnancy yoga classes here.

Pregnancy classes are not open to casual attendance and must be booked in advance.


All classes include asana practice, pranayama and a rest period.

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