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Barbara Coley

Barbara is personal student of A.G. and Indra Mohan of Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda, Chennai, India, and is the director of Svastha Yoga New Zealand.

Having practiced many styles of yoga over the years, Barbara’s own practice and attitude to yoga was completely transformed after studying with the Mohans in 2006 where she graduated from their Training Courses “The Art and Science of Yoga” and “Yoga Therapy” Barbara remains in close contact with the Mohans and visits them in India on a regular basis, deepening her understanding in the field of Yoga.
Barbara's personal interest is yoga for women's health from the onset of puberty through post menopause. 
Deeply committed to her own personal reintegration through her Yoga practice, Barbara provides a gentle, intuitive approach to her teaching and encourages her students to fully embrace the principles that lead to greater health and a peaceful mind.


"Since discovering this approach to the practice of Yoga and applying the principles to my life there has been a deep and positive transformation in all aspects of my being. This power for change on a personal level is what I consider to be one of the greatest gifts of yoga, and this is the message I aim to pass on in my teaching "

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What I like about Barbara is that, while she shows a deep integrity in the yoga she teaches, she makes plenty of room for humour. The yoga, which focuses on the breath and the spine, is not aerobic or sweaty but is remarkably strengthening and energising. I notice that it also improves my usually hare-brained concentration!”

S.S. - Auckland