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I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant – can I practice Yoga?

Yoga is a tremendous way to prepare the body and mind for childbirth and the years of motherhood to come. It also helps to address the physical and mental challenges that can occur during pregnancy. If you have been practicing yoga regularly prior to pregnancy, you may continue the practice; however, it is advisable to discuss your practice with your teacher as some postures are contraindicated during pregnancy. If you are new to the practice we suggest beginning classes from the onset of the second trimester.


I've never done Yoga before and I'm a bit nervous about attending my first class?

There is no standard of performance to be met in any of our classes, your comfort and ease is our top priority! You may wish to attend a beginner’s intro class first to gain an understanding of the specific breath and movement principles that we teach and to build some confidence, however you may attend any ‘open level’ class that is convenient for you and still have a rewarding and comfortable experience.


 Can I eat before Yoga?

We recommend that meals are not taken up to two hours before practice.


I'm not very flexible..can I still practice Yoga?

Absolutely! It is a common misconception that you have to be flexible to practice Yoga. There is no doubt that regular Yoga practice will help to develop your flexibility, however a sound Yoga practice will ensure that both strength and flexibility are encouraged in a balanced manner. If one is emphasised over the other, we will be in danger of creating an imbalance in the body which may lead to problems and injury later.


How often should I do Yoga?

As with anything, the more consistent you are with practice the more benefit you will receive. We encourage students to develop a personal daily practice that has been designed specifically to address their own particular requirements – this can be anything from 15 – 40mins per day depending on your timetable, requirements, ability etc. If you are not quite ready to develop a personal practice, we would recommend that you attend two or more classes a week to really feel the benefit of the practice and affect some change.