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Svastha Yoga Therapy Program
Building on the Teachings of Krishnamacharya

Module 6: Yoga Psychology & Psychiatry / Mind: Stress, Anxiety

Presented by Dr Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda, Chennai, India, this professional program on yoga therapy combines the most effective aspects of traditional yoga and ayurveda with the discoveries of modern science. Specific guidelines for different conditions and general treatment principles will be detailed, empowering you to safely and effectively address disabilities and ill-health through yoga.
The goal is to enable participants to integrate newly acquired knowledge immediately in their teaching, particularly in private sessions.

The program has been designed specifically for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners but should also be of interest to people from related fields.

Program Structure:

The program is delivered in 7 intensive modules (5 days for each module) Each module may be attended independantly and certificates are awarded for each.

I) Musculosketal System/Body
Module 1: Low Back, Pelvis & Lower Limb (Musculoskeletal System, Part 1) (completed August 2011)
Module 2: Upper Back, Neck & Upper Limb (Musculoskeletal System, Part 2) (completed March 2012)

II) Internal Medicine and Breath
Module 3:
Anatomy, Physiology and Sequencing of the breath. Respiratory and Cardiovascular disorders (completed August 2012)
Module 4: Pranayama, Ayurveda, Neurological/Digestive/Hormonal/Immune Systems (completed November, 2012)

III) Yoga Psychology and Psychiatry / Mind 
Module 5:
Depression & Addiction - 14th ~ 18th March, 2013 (completed March 2013)
Module 6: Stress & Anxiety- 23rd - 27th November, 2013

IV) Module 7: Integration / Completion Module
Case Studies, Assorted Topics


Module 6: Yoga Psychology & Psychiatry / Mind: Stress, Anxiety

1. Stress / Anxiety Related Disorders

  1. Overview of modern psychiatry/psychology/neurology perspective
  2. Mild to severe presentations (situational, PTSD etc)
  3. Scope & role of yoga in the therapy
  4. Principles of management
  5. Setting priorities and devising a session plans for stress and related mental disorders

2. Classical Yoga concepts and texts relevant to mental health

  1. Concept and inportance of citta vrtti nirodha
  2. Klesa-s
  3. Kriya yoga
  4. Pratipaksha bhavana
  5. Maitri, karuna, mudita, upeksha bhavana
  6. Asraya and alambana
  7. Pratyahara in application
  8. Role of tapas, vairagya and the yamas

3. How to implement and teach specific Yoga Practices for mental health

  1. Meditation
  2. Pranayama: breath based practices
  3. Mantra
  4. Bhavana
  5. Rituals

4.Developing a holistic yoga practice including asanas to support the above practices

5. Safety considerations for the yoga teacher. Managing the teacher-student / therapist-client relationship

6. Case study based learning, based on clients and situations the yoga teacher is likely to encounter

7. Perspective of ayurveda and useful ayurvedic herbs as relevant.

Dates and Location - Module 6:

Saturday 23rd - Wednesday 27th November, 2013 ~  8.30am ~ 5.00pm daily.

Svastha Yoga New Zealand
Kelly Street Studio
1A Kelly Street,  Mt Eden, Auckland 1024

Registration and Cost - Module 6:

Earlybird: $747.50 incl GST payable by 20th October 2013
$805.00 if paid after 20th October 2013

A non refundable deposit of $100 is required on registration - please register early to secure your place.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 50% refund (after $100 non refundable deposit) for cancellations before 31st October
  • No refunds after 31st October


Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to register.


dr ganesh mohanDr. Ganesh Mohan is a physician trained in both conventional medicine and ayurveda. He is the son of A.G. Mohan who was a personal student of Krishnamacharya for 18 years from 1971 to 1989, and Indra Mohan who has been teaching yoga for thirty five years. Ganesh started practicing yoga in the tradition of Krishnamacharya under his parents’ guidance as a child. He is well-versed in related traditional studies such as yoga philosophy and Vedic chanting. His work in therapeutic yoga centers around employing the most relevant methods from ancient and modrn healthcare. He is the co-author of the Mohan's book Yoga Therapy (Shambala Publications 2004) and Krishnamacharya: His Life and Teachings (Shambhala Publications, 2010) He is an advisor to the International Association of Yoga Therapists in the USA and the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists.