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Emotional Health


We all at times experience stress, grief, worry & anxiety – these emotions are natural responses to life events. Sometimes however these feelings linger and we may find ourselves sinking further into feelings of sadness, despair and low self esteem, which can have a profound effect on our ability to function with clarity and in a state of inner peace – a state which yoga insists is our birth right.

Yoga provides tools that help us to release chronic patterns of stress and tension, often the pre-cursors to anxiety and depression, and help us change our thought patterns so that we may deal effectively with life’s challenges and live happier, healthier lives. Yoga therapy is complimentary to other forms of treatment you may be undergoing.

When working with emotional imbalances we employ the use of asanas (postures) to release stress and revitalise on a physical level, pranayama (breath work) to balance the nervous system and meditation/visualisation techniques to calm the mind. We may also use sound in the form of mantra which has a profound effect on the mind.

If you feel that life is just a bit too much at the moment, you will find that yoga therapy for emotional well-being a profound tool for restoring balance.

Barbara teaches 6 week courses for people suffering with stress disorders, depression and anxiety and is also available for one-to-one consultations.

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