Svastha Yoga Therapy
for Structural Imbalance



Structural imbalances occur for a variety of reasons ranging from injury or stress, poor postural habits to having conditions such as congenital scoliosis. No matter the source, the discomfort associated with structural imbalance can severely impact on our overall sense of well being. Yoga therapy is a wonderful tool that offers many techniques to heal pain and discomfort in the body, and restore an overall sense of health and vitality.

When working with physical issues we mainly employ the use of asanas (postures) adapted to suit the individual and breathing techniques to help release physical tension as well as the mental tension that often arises through dealing with physical discomfort. We seek to improve posture, stabilise areas of stress, strengthen areas of weakness and increase mobility where there is loss of range of motion and stiffness.

At a structural level, yoga therapy helps with:
Back pain ~ Neck & Shoulder pain ~ Hip pain ~ Knee pain ~ Postural imbalance ~ Osteoporosis ~ Arthritis ~ Recovery from injury...and more 

Our yoga therapists are available for One-to-One consultations and we also conduct regular small group classes for people presenting with similar conditions.





Please contact Barbara to start your self care routine now!


$80 - One off  yoga therapy session
$210 - Block of 3 sessions 

Each session is approximately 60 - 75 mins

Please note a full session fee of $80 is payable unless 24 hours notice of cancellation of your appointment is given.